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A Ouija Board is Not A Toy

I have wanted to share my experiences with the Ouija boards for quite some time now. When I was young and dumb, I had no care in the world in what warnings meant for these. Now that I am older and wiser,… Continue Reading →

Posey’s Chapel: A Different Place

Have you ever got the feeling of goosebumps and a cold chill when you hear a scary story about somewhere? Every time I do that my first instinct is I want to go there. Either take me there or I… Continue Reading →

Welcome Back!

One year ago I posted a piece titled “Changes” and in it I talked about the changes we were doing to the website. I had scheduled a relaunch to be around April 1st, 2015. The main purpose for this delay… Continue Reading →


Hi! I have been looking at LocalParanormal.com a lot since November and I don’t like it. I love the concept and I love the blogs that have been submitted, but I don’t love the execution. So I sat a New… Continue Reading →

Paranormal Investigation of the Oldest Two-Story Brick House in NC

NC Paranormal Research was contacted by the owner of the oldest two story brick house in North Carolina. This building was built in 1746. Some of the issues the owner stated were the doorknob on the front door had twisted… Continue Reading →

Mad Madame LaLaurie

New Orleans, Louisiana is a town that has never lacked in history or drama. From its very beginning, it has held a very special place in the story of America. From its convict founders, to it being passed back and… Continue Reading →

Night or Day Investigations?

Ask most paranormal investigators and they will tell you that they do their investigations in the dark. Even my team, Supernatural Research Society, does many of theirs in the dark. Why? My first theory on why is because of television…. Continue Reading →

The Holiday Inn Express Riverwalk Area

When you hear the name San Antonio, Texas, I’m sure the first thing you think of is “Remember the Alamo”. San Antonio is a town with an amazing 400-plus-year history behind it, from the missions that dot the landscape outside… Continue Reading →

The Hummbard Sisters

Most towns and cities in the United States, and throughout the world, have their own urban legends. Monsters that prowl the woods at night and take wayward children away from their homes. Prehistoric sea creators that have made their homes… Continue Reading →


Hello everyone, My name is mark Anderson and I am the founder of NC Paranormal Research, we are on Facebook and have a website at www.ncparanormalresearch.com My subject today will be about orbs. If you get a chance to watch… Continue Reading →

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